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Ted Neitzke brings you the “The Smart Thinking Podcast.” Smart Thinking is for anyone and everyone — because we are all leaders. Join us weekly for reflective activities and strategies to grow yourself and others.


Everyone experiences a shift in their ability to be confident. When life is constantly unpredictable it is the job of leaders to support others to build and then maintain their confidence. Take a listen from the lessons of a 15-year-old.


  • Describe how you can allow others to lead so they gain confidence.
  • List how you can reinforce the efforts taking place all around you.
  • Describe how you can create the opportunity to review how far you’ve all come together.




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Being aware of tone deafness is a critical and important skill for people. Especially when reflecting about your own behavior as well as your ability to coach others who lack awareness of the damage they are doing to others by leading from the wrong perspective - -self importance.

Take a listen as we reflect upon how to best be in the moment for others and not appear to be tone-deaf. 

  • Am I in the frame of mind to be present for those in front of me?
  • Can I be who they need in order for them to succeed?
  • If I were them – what would I need from me?



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As leaders we need to make certain that those we serve have meaning in their days. Listen as we explore how powerful and easy it is to increase ownership and engagement in the moment. 

  • List symbols you can provide to support mindfulness.
  • Describe permissions you need to give so that people can move forward.
  • Describe your process so that you can design time for pause

Song: Andrew Hoyt - I Wanna Dance With Somebody 

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The only thing that is predictable in life is that it is unpredictable. Take a listen to get a better understanding of how to deal with the weirdest start to school EVER! The key is simple - embrace the moments of normal.


Create the quadrant tool and complete it.

List ways you can support others as they enter a new season daily.

Describe what is within your control and how you can support others as they face storms.

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We are facing a situation of temporary insanity -- high anxiety, uncertainty, and unknowns. So what do you do? Be buffalo - -take a listen to these processes and leadership skills to support you in your quest to be a leader. 

  • Describe how you can help identify lanes.
  • List the expectations you have for others.
  • Describe a process for checking in on expectations.




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What if you could forecast your future? Well, this is as close as it gets. I spoke with two school leaders from Australia who are already in the third quarter of the school year. Take a listen as the share with us how they've dealt with Covid while instructing in person. 

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Take a listen to a conversation about race between an African-American man (Justin) and a white man (Ted). We cover everything from how we learned about race, our experiences and exposures, how we talk to our kids, how we talk about race with others, what biases exist, how our parents talked about race, why black lives matter and why the future will be better.



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Take a listen to this conversation with Dr. Jared Horvath about ways to engage the brain in online and blended learning environments. It is powerful in many ways and he shares a variety of tactics and considerations for educators and leaders as we prepare for uncharted educational and business environments.


Check out his additional offerings here: https://www.lmeglobal.net/

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Here are three texts you need to read that will help you advocate for others as well as three songs to fuel your soul for the summer.


List the books you’ll read this summer to fuel yourself.

Describe your process for fueling yourself.

List music that you could share with me to get me dancing on the trails, laughing to myself, or relaxing with a book.



Stamped From The Beginning

Think Like A Rocket Scientist

We Need to Talk



Lennon Stella

Havana Swing

Ben Folds

Simple Minds  

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When times get tough there is only one thing to do—persist! Take a listen as we explore the behaviors and strategies needed in order to make perseverance a reflex!

  • Describe your willingness to follow a process to reflect and build strength.
  • List the people in your life that you can draw together to collaborate around you.
  • Describe your feedback process.
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