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Ted Neitzke brings you the “The Smart Thinking Podcast.” Smart Thinking is for anyone and everyone — because we are all leaders. Join us weekly for reflective activities and strategies to grow yourself and others.


When you are in the middle of a project, school year or fiscal cycle, it is important to take a "look back." This episode we discuss the importance and power of taking time to review the journey, the strengths, the weaknesses the opportunities and the threats.

  • Describe how you can review the journey at the midpoint
  • List the SWOT’s of your journey
  • Describe a process you can use to celebrate your growth, errors, and recoveries

 Song: Howard Jones- Things Can Only Get Better

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This week we explore the impact you have as an influencer and reflect upon the lessons of Martin Luther King. Take a listen as we look at his cognizant use of influence to inspire change.

  • Describe what your mindset is around influencing others
  • List what you can do to be a leader today
  • List a person or cause that you can be more intentional about supporting
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Why is it so hard for us to talk about and deal with mental health? Join me as we explore mindsets and strategies to support those we serve and maybe even ourselves.

  • Describe your mindset around mental health.
  • List what you can do to support those that are struggling
  • Describe your willingness to support others

Song: Coldplay- Up&Up


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When coaching those you serve, you need to follow a process. So here it is -- Listen, Defer, Reflect, and Support. When people come to you with an issue or an idea, take the time to LDRS – and yes, it is the word leader without vowels!

  • Describe how well you listen.
  • List the ways in which you help others reflectively inquire.
  • Describe how you will hold those you serve accountable using the LDRS process. 
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I'll give you a resolution -- find your purpose. Stop trying to change your life every year on December 31st at midnight -- instead, focus on your purpose! Join me for the real meaning of Auld Lang Syne and think about your purpose!


  • What is your purpose?
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Join us this week to review the ten(or so) core beliefs of optimistic leaders. How are you influencing those you serve and what do you believe about yourself and others? 

  • Describe beliefs about yourself that need to be challenged.
  • List strategies that you can employ to grow others belief in themselves.
  • List your beliefs.
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How much energy do you bring to the world? This episode explores how ringing the bell can make a huge difference in the lives of those you serve. Hear how a mother and her daughters sparked me to action!

  • Describe how you can support others with their energy
  • List ways you can create more connections between those you serve and the mission
  • Describe how you can demonstrate the impact of others on the outcomes.


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“When you judge others you don’t define them, you define yourself.” Take a listen to the four strategies to employ so that you become a Judge Good'r (yeah it is a thing).

 Describe your strategy for minimizing self-judgement.

List ways you can maintain a healthy level of curiosity about others.

Describe how you can depersonalize the judgments you trap yourself in.



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Take a listen to this discussion and activity around give and thank. Too often people want to give and take. Giving is not a receipt of services rendered, it is a ticket to a better future.

  • Describe your mindset when you give.
  • List strategies for reflecting upon what you have.
  • Describe how you can foster a greater give and thanks culture for those you love and serve.




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No one actually wants to be unsuccessful: however, sometimes they are and it is not clear why. Take a listen and apply this simple process to help you support others.

  • Describe your willingness to address individuals with skill or will deficits.
  • List strategies you can employ to support those with deficits.
  • Describe your strategy to build your own skill or will.


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