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Ted Neitzke brings you the “The Smart Thinking Podcast.” Smart Thinking is for anyone and everyone — because we are all leaders. Join us weekly for reflective activities and strategies to grow yourself and others.


How do you help people who get stuck and drop their head when they get frustrated. What is your process to support failure in your organization. Join us for a reflection and tool to help you develop a "fix it" way of life.

  • Describe your process for creating a culture that works towards failure as an option.
  • List the people in your classroom/organization that could benefit from a "fix it" metaphor.
  • Describe your approach to supporting those who have their head dropped.
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The most empowering term in the world: yes. Too often we fail to allow others to take the risks they need to take in order to find success. Take a listen as we break down the real difference in life between yes & no. 


  • List one thing you need to say yes to.
  • Describe a yes with conditions opportunity you are facing.
  • Reflect on the times you’ve said yes and it’s worked.
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We are living in a period of prolonged intensity and people are getting frustrated with positive people. Take a listen as I break down what to do to support yourself through this period and more importantly how to support others. 


  • List ways you can navigate intensity.
  • Describe one way you can cope with the intensity.
  • Identify people you can create relief with and have some fun.
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How do you create intentional processes to support cascading engagement in your world and allow for people to collaborate, calibrate and validate their leadership? Want a process? Here you go!

  • Describe your current process for cascading problem solving in your world.
  • List the members of your crew.
  • Identify your captain.
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We need to get better at understanding the needs of those around us. Take a listen as we review Maslow's Hierarchy of needs and how to apply it in the realm of engagement in the classroom and the workplace. 

  • List the ways in which you can support others on the hierarchy.
  • Describe where you think you operate most days on the hierarchy.
  • Frame for yourself a process so that you can engage those you serve so they can reach the summit.
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Join us for a discussion on how we can better support the weird world we are living in by focusing on both sides of the coin. This episode focuses on the idea that we are in an "AND" world right now that is fueling debate and conflict. However, we focus on how to charge into this storm optimistically!!!! 


  • Describe your strategy to support others in an AND world.
  • List people you need to go and support
  • Reflect upon your AND’s and seek out others who can create lift for you.
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If you focus on looking for leadership, you will see that it is all around you! Join us for the 200th episode and a strategy to grow leadership in every environment!

  • List leadership that has already occurred around you today
  • Describe your worldview and how you see leadership
  • Describe how you will reinforce the leadership that is all around you.
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How do you show up in any given situation? Join us for a discussion and assessment tool to help you frame every day and interaction so that you are: optimistic, energetic, and motivated! 

  • Describe how you show up?
  • Describe your process for assessing how others show up.
  • Reflect on what you need to do if you are not prepared to show up.

Spotify: Ted Neitzke IV

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What is your complement to criticism ratio? Take a listen as we reflect upon how we've forgotten the art of reinforcement in our leadership.


  • List behaviors you need to change within yourself to get the most of those around you
  • Describe a way that you can complement others
  • Track your compliment v. criticism ration this week.
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Join me for a conversation with David C Brousseau, MD - professor and chief of emergency medicine, at the Medical College of Wisconsin as we discuss how to approach this school year. Hear his advice around protecting ourselves, what he is seeing and what he believes will happen as we move into the fall and winter.

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