Episode 8: Full Service v. Self Service

October 8th, 2017

This episode explores your attitude towards serving others. Service to others is a core principle of all religions and cultures. Yet the idea of service for others is constantly talked about and measured. Service is interpreted by so many in so many ways, but it boils down to one simple principle: selflessness. The concept of putting everyone you meet first.

  • Teachers, parents, leaders – how are you developing service for others?
  • What are your classroom/families core values and how are you reinforcing them?
  • How are you modeling service and a “you first” attitude?
  • When someone comes into your service station - -what is your first response? Is it – I don’t have time for this or is it let’s do this?
  • Finally, a challenge – upon completion of this podcast how can you serve the very next person you meet?

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