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Ted Neitzke brings you the “The Smart Thinking Podcast.” Smart Thinking is for anyone and everyone — because we are all leaders. Join us weekly for reflective activities and strategies to grow yourself and others.

April 15, 2018

Episode 40: The stories in our head

Too often we do not confront the ideas and stories swirling around in our heads. This episode describes two strategies that can be employed to support your ability to make informed decisions and grow your ability to coach yourself and others.


  • What are the stories in your head and will you confront those stories by sharing them?
  • When you get to a point of frustration or anxiety can you demonstrate the courage to expel the new narrative and get to the heart of the matter?
  • Will you take the time to put your eyes on the entire situation so that you see the reasons you are getting the results you are?
  • Lastly, what will you do as you start to feel a story emerging in your head – will you immediately confront it or allow it to grow into a chapter book?


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