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Ted Neitzke brings you the “The Smart Thinking Podcast” Smart Thinking is for anyone and everyone who has a stake in the future of a child. The goal is to increase reflection, empathy, as well as personal and professional development. The podcast will be posted every Monday with reflective exercises and every other Thursday with guests.

February 11, 2018

Episode 31: The Wisdom of Diversity

The key to finding elegance in complexity is to embrace as many people as possible. People have all different talents and perspective – very few times is one person correct in their assumptions – but as soon as you infuse diversity in the decision – you get rich, deep, and meaningful solutions.

The research behind diversity in the workplace is pretty clear. Companies that have a woman on their Board of Directors out perform companies without female leadership and teams that have diversity go even further in performance.

  • How can you demonstrate the wisdom of the crowd?
  • What do you need to do different in order to increase diverse thinking in your leadership?
  • Who are you surrounded with and how willing are they to embrace all others in the decision making process?
  • What groups could use your diversity?
  • Finally, what is one way in which you can embrace the differences of others this week to keep yourself and your leadership honest?

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