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Ted Neitzke brings you the “The Smart Thinking Podcast.” Smart Thinking is for anyone and everyone — because we are all leaders. Join us weekly for reflective activities and strategies to grow yourself and others.

January 7, 2018

Episode 25: Creating collaboration

True collaboration has to be defined and modeled. In a multi-generational world we do a poor job of demonstrating collaboration. I suggest that you start by showing popular examples of collaboration and then breaking down the roles that people play in truly collaborative environments and then asking the team members to identify what they can contribute.


  • What processes can you put in place to ensure that the right people are working together?
  • What strength(s) do you bring to the group?
  • What anchors or weaknesses do you bring to the group?
  • How confident are you identifying those strengths and gaps for others?
  • When we expect people to collaborate, do we first show them examples of real collaboration?
  • Finally, what do you need to do differently in the future on teams in order to be more collaborative so that people will seek you out for their team?

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