Episode 13: Where did all the fun go?

October 29th, 2017

Fun – why is it such a big deal when something turns out to be fun? Why is it when people tell you “it’s going to be fun” so many of us sigh? Life should be purposeful. Life should be engaging. Life should have deep meaning.

Should'nt life also be fun?


  • Did you know that the oldest recorded joke is from around 1600 BC and is a Sumerian fart joke? Why is being fun or funny viewed as a lack of seriousness?
  • In a world where everyone looks at a screen in their hand to capture a moment in which they are living—what can be done to capture that moment in a non-electronic way and make it fun?
  • If you are not having fun – who are you dragging down with you? As you approach your week – how can you turn the normal into the abnormal experience and make it memorable and fun?
  • Finally, how can you reinforce those in your life that are fun so that they know you enjoy what they do for you and how can you pay that forward to others?


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