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Ted Neitzke brings you the “The Smart Thinking Podcast” Smart Thinking is for anyone and everyone who has a stake in the future of a child. The goal is to increase reflection, empathy, as well as personal and professional development. The podcast will be posted every Monday with reflective exercises and every other Thursday with guests.


You can’t solve a problem you don’t take the time to understand, you can’t force fixes, and you can’t race to excellence. Take a listen to this episode as we discuss the importance of following a process to get to the root of the issue.


  • Describe process you follow in order to identify the root cause.
  • Explain how you will five why your current problem.
  • List the order of ingredients of problem identification.



Explain how you will five why your current problem.


List the order of ingredients of problem identification.

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In this episode we explore the importance of leaders syncing with those they serve and hear about my kayaking adventure with my son.

  • Describe how you navigate from the back of the boat.
  • List the skills necessary to be in in sync with those you serve.
  • Explain how you can better serve others willingness to take risks by pulling your paddle out of the water.


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This episode we reflect upon the following: When you have your break what are you going to do? What will you do to grow and learn? How will you help others? What will you do to ensure you have moments of joy to fuel your leadership and life?


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This is a conversation I had with Daniel Pink. Listen as we discuss his latest text When. 

Pink and I discuss his upbringing, his books and his unique ability to write with a voice of discovery.

Twitter: @tneitzke

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There is a fine balance between confidence and arrogance and that is the subject of this week’s podcast. 

  • Describe the difference between arrogant leadership and confident leadership.
  • List strategies you can employ to create a humble and confident culture.
  • Explain what you need to do to support reflection and create empathetic leaders.
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Join me for a conversation with an internationally recognized expert and practitioner who specializes in the support and coaching of children who are savants. Dr. Treffert is recognized around the globe for his strategies and methods in helping children and adults with their gifts. Listen as we discuss everything from autism to parenting and savants.  

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Leadership is not always easy and sometimes the hardest part of being a leader/parent is that you have to let others do what they need to do in order to find success. Take a listen to this episode as we explore the decisions parents and leaders make that can hinder those they serve.

  • Describe the conditions you create in order to support the success of those you serve.
  • Analyze for a moment which Nemo parent you’re more like – Marlin or Crush?
  • List the characteristics you need to have in order to avoid mowing the lawn or flying in on behalf of those you serve.
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While we are all quick to recall or judge kids who are freshman – we have a lot in common with them. Take a listen to this discussion on how we all approach change – just like a freshman.

  • What are you most excited about when there is change?
  • What are you most anxious about when there is change?
  • What stories are in your head when you have to change?
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Take a listen to this fun and engaging strategy to get people to reflect upon the people who influenced their leadership.


  • List the four people who made you who you are today.
  • Describe them each in one word – kleos
  • If you were on someone else’s MT. Rushmore – why would you be there?


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It is truly heroic to go to school every year for your entire life with an attitude that you can save the day. That is what a teacher does and that is why they have superpowers.

  • Which tools do you use and how do you inspire those you serve?
  • List the ways in which you support your colleagues.
  • List your sidekicks.
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